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Health & Safety Policies

100 Anniversary Committee Policy.pdf 238.25 kb

Accessible Employment Policy.pdf 131.25 kb

Accountability and Transparency.pdf 158.3 kb

Acquarobic Sewage Disposal System.pdf 94.52 kb

Advertising Job Openings.pdf 96.99 kb

Advertising-Coordinating.pdf 66.03 kb

Advertising-Council Budget.pdf 96.44 kb

Advertising.pdf 97.73 kb

Age and Height-Pool.pdf 54.63 kb

Agenda Items.pdf 53.86 kb

Airport Safety Policy.pdf 109.35 kb

Benefit Policy - Non-Union Employees.pdf 365.19 kb

Budget Distribution of Surplus.pdf 100.78 kb


COMPUTER PURCHASE limit memo.pdf 100.05 kb

Cemetary Collection Policy.pdf 57.09 kb

Code of Conduct CBO.pdf 56.38 kb

Code of Discipline.pdf 211.05 kb

Code of Ethics and Equal Opportunity Program.pdf 207.97 kb

Commodity Price Hedging Agreements.pdf 55.7 kb

Contractor Health Safety Policy 2009.pdf 348.36 kb

Council Code of Conduct.pdf 418.42 kb

Council Meetings-recurring items.pdf 97.86 kb

Credit Card Payments.pdf 93 kb

Customer Service Policy.pdf 112.95 kb

Delegation of Powers and Duties.pdf 201.87 kb

Education and Training.pdf 77.25 kb

Employee Access to info.pdf 93.36 kb

Festivals Committee Policy.pdf 236.15 kb

Frogs Breath Applications.pdf 148.6 kb

Health Safety Policy.pdf 156.86 kb

Hiring - temporary freeze.pdf 53.81 kb

Hiring and Nepotism Policy-Addendum .pdf 52.92 kb

Hiring and Nepotism Policy-Addendum 1-Hiring Students.pdf 113.38 kb

Hiring and Nepotism Policy-Addendum 2-Vulnerable Sector Check.pdf 52.92 kb

Hiring and Nepotism Policy.pdf 207.18 kb

Housing.pdf 52.83 kb

IS Policies 2006.pdf 187.93 kb

Industrial Lots - Main Street.pdf 53.28 kb

Information Systems Security and Usage.pdf 129.84 kb

Investment Policy.pdf 63.9 kb

Leasing-Encroachments on Municipal Land.pdf 125.05 kb

Library Personnel.pdf 52.55 kb


Media.pdf 107.94 kb

Mobile Devices Use.pdf 426.63 kb

Municipal Alcohol Policy.pdf 1.04 mb

Naming Rights Policy.pdf 286.77 kb

New sidewalks.pdf 50.09 kb

New water-sewer service.pdf 50.25 kb

Overtime.pdf 107.94 kb

Pay policy Non Union.pdf 149.99 kb

Pay-All employees.pdf 154.34 kb

Payout of Retroactive Wages.pdf 53.15 kb

Pensioners & Spouses.pdf 52.62 kb

Private funding gifts or other gratuitous items.pdf 94.87 kb

Privte Driveway Paving.pdf 56.12 kb

Property Sales - Tax Arrears.pdf 233.14 kb

Purchasing or leasing industrial land.pdf 61.98 kb

Purchasing policy.pdf 372.9 kb

Resolutions to the Town.pdf 53.92 kb

Resources for Elections.pdf 119.74 kb

Retirement.pdf 104.65 kb

SIGNING policy.pdf 56.12 kb

Safety Policy.pdf 56.27 kb

Sale of Land-Prohibition.pdf 50.38 kb

Seminar Convention Reports.pdf 53.98 kb

Seminar attendance.pdf 53.26 kb

Streetlight Maintenance.pdf 100.56 kb

Tangible Capital Asset Policy.pdf 129.28 kb

Telephone Reconciliation.pdf 55.95 kb

Tipping Fee Reduction.pdf 96.49 kb

Town Owned Vehicles.pdf 107.73 kb

Transporting Persons in Custody.pdf 104.48 kb

Video Surveillance.pdf 123.56 kb

Volunteer Firefighters Ability to Work.pdf 177.84 kb

Whistleblower Policy Form-fillable.pdf 608.1 kb

civil marriage policy.pdf 57.54 kb

travel expense policy.pdf 205.33 kb